I watched the Soup Nazi episode on television last night. This episode probably ranks as one of the most popular episodes for Seinfeld viewers.  Most people, however, do not realize that the character is based on the owner-operator of a real soup stand in New York city.  Soup Kitchen International is so popular that people often line up for as much as 45 minutes for soup.

But after eh episode aired, this soup chef was not pleased with additional publicity.  For one, he was busy enough already.  But he most angry at the use of the term 'Nazi' in reference to character on the show.  Jerry Seinfeld even went down to the soup stand to personally apologize, and received an earful in the process.  I tried to get some soup when a was in New York.  The first time, the stand was closed, with a sign saying that he had gone to Argentina for the winter.  The second time, in April, it was open and I had a medium Seafood Bisque, and it was fantastic.  Unlike George, I did get bread, and even fruit and a cookie!  But you must follow the rules:  the lineups are long, and the rules are there to ensure that the line moves as fast as possible.  Those delaying the line will get NO SOUP!