Well, it certain seems official now:  Seinfeld will be released on DVD this November.

Check out this survery about the packaging of the DVD.

The first page begins "SEINFELD is due to be released on DVD later this year ".  That's makes it official, if you ask me :)

Later it says "When this collection is released, it will be on 4 discs with 18 episodes (?pilot? episode, all 5 episodes from season 1, and all 12 episodes from season 2). "  Which is what I predicted for the intial release.

The survey ask people to rate the following four DVD covers:

I think they all suck!  Why are they using promo photos for the DVD cover!?!  They should use a funny scene from on of the episodes in each release.

The also asks people to rate these products that could be included in a "free gift":

Some of these are okay, I really just care about the dvd.

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