Daybeds, have you every heard of these things?  I have heard people use the term 'daybed' in the past and I don't know what that means.  The other day I was flipping around the channels and this decorating show was talking about 'daybeds' - they showed a low, narrow bed, or bunk.  I still don't get this.  What makes it a day bed?  Do you sleep on it during the day, and then use you regular bed at night?  Is this like a special bed for night shift workers - they work all night and then they come home and sleep in their day bed?  I wonder how they invented the day bed, maybe one somebody stayed out really late one night and came home in the morning and thought "Oh no, what I am gonna do!?  I'm tired, but it's daytime, I can't sleep in my regular, large, comfortable bed.  If only there was a small, narrow, uncomfortable bed designed specifically for sleeping during the day"