[At Jerry's, JERRY and KRAMER eating breakfast. KRAMER's tired, preoccupied with the paper, JERRY's in a blue robe eating cereal and orange juice.]

JERRY: So, uh. Gillian's comin' over later. I think I'm gonna end it.
KRAMER: Uh-huh.
JERRY: Those meaty paws, I feel like I'm dating George the Animal, (steer).
KRAMER: Yeah..
JERRY: Maybe I'll chain her to the refrigerator an' sell tickets.
KRAMER: That's nice..

JERRY: Kramer, put the paper down! You never listen to me anymore! We hardly even talk!
KRAMER: Well, we're, talkin' now, aren't we?--
JERRY: I sit here for twenty lousy minutes in the morning--
KRAMER: Oh here we go--
JERRY: An' then when you come home at night, you're always exhausted--we never do anything anymore!
KRAMER: What are you starting with me for? You know this is my crazy time o' year?!
JERRY: ... It's your third day..

KRAMER: (grabs briefcase to leave) I gotta go to work. We'll talk about this later. (leaves)
JERRY: Well. (calling down the hall) Call if you're gonna be late!