(      KRAMER: Hey, I saw DiMaggio in the donut shop again.
JERRY: Uh huh.
ELAINE: Joe DiMaggio?
KRAMER: Joe DiMaggio, you know this time I went in and sat down across from him and I really watched him. I studied, his every move. For example, he dunks.
ELAINE: Joe DiMaggio dunks his donut?!
KRAMER: That's right.      )

JERRY: See, now I know it's not him. Joe DiMaggio could not be a dunker.
KRAMER: Oh, he's a dunker.
ELAINE: Why couldn't he be a dunker?
KRAMER: And nothing diverts his attention. Like, I'm uh, you know, I-I, like I'm sitting in there, you know. And, uh, I start banging on the table, you know, to uh, so that he�ll look up, you know, Like I'm sitting there you know and uh, *bang* (slams the table) You know, *bang* He wouldn't move. So then I start doing these yelping noises. Like, *yip* (high pitched yelping noises) *yip*. No reaction because the guy is so focused, you see, he can just block out anything that's going on around him. See, that's how he played baseball. He dunks like he hits.
ELAINE: So then what?
KRAMER: Well, then the waitress, she comes up and she tells me to shut up or they're gonna throw me out.
ELAINE: Why didn't you just call out his name?....