[Mr. Kruger and George are burning the midnight oil. George is working, Mr. Kruger is bouncing a ball against the wall and catching it. George is percolating.]

GEORGE: Would you *mind* helping me out with some of this stuff?!!!
KRUGER: You seem like you've got a pretty good handle on it.
GEORGE: No! I don't! Don't you even care? This is your company! It's your name on the outside of the building! Speaking of which, the 'R' fell off and all it says now is K-uger!
KRUGER: K-uger, that sounds like one of those old-time car horns, huh? K-uger! K-uger!
GEORGE: Huh-ho! Oh! You are too much, Mr. Kruger! Too much!
KRUGER: (getting up to leave) Thank you George, you've been great. That's it for me.
GEORGE: Oh no, you're not going out on a high note with me Mr. Kruger!
KRUGER: It's K-uger!
KRUGER: Goodnight everybody!