[The Costanza house, Queens]
(Steinbrenner is knocking, Estelle opens the door)
STEINBRENNER: Mrs. Costanza?
STEINBRENNER: My name is George Steinbrenner, I'm afraid I have some very sad new about your son.
ESTELLE : I can't believe it, he was so young.  How could this have happened?

STEINBRENNER: Well, he'd been logging some pretty heavy hours, first one in in the morning, last one to leave at night.  That kid was a human dynamo.
ESTELLE: Are you sure you're talking about George?
STEINBRENNER: You are Mr. and Mrs. Costanza?
FRANK: What the hell did you trade Jay Buener for?!?  He had 30 home runs, and over 100 RBIs last year. He's got a rocket for an arm - - you don't know what the hell you're doin'!!

[Yankee Stadium: Steinbrenner's Office]
(Steinbrenner sits behind his desk. He's examining something on his desktop with a large powerful magnifying glass.)

STEINBRENNER: With this magnifying glass, I feel like a scientist.
(There is a tap at the door, and George cautiously enters.)
GEORGE: You wanted to see me, sir?
STEINBRENNER: Ah, come in George, come in. Uh, Wilhelm gave me this project you worked on.
GEORGE: Yes sir.

STEINBRENNER: Let me ask you something, George. You having any personal problems at home? Girl trouble, love trouble of any kind?
GEORGE: No sir.
STEINBRENNER: What about drugs? You doing some of that crack cocaine? You on the pipe?
GEORGE: No sir.
STEINBRENNER: Are you seeing a psychiatrist? Because I got a flash for you young man, you're non compos mentis! You got some bats in the belfry!
GEORGE: What're.. What're you talking about?
STEINBRENNER: George, I've read this report. It's very troubling, very troubling indeed. It's a sick mind at work here.

(Two burly guys who are clearly medical orderlies come into the room behind George.)
STEINBRENNER: Okay, come on boys, come on in here. George, this is Herb and Dan... They're gonna take you away to a nice place where you can get some help. They're very friendly people there. My brother-in-law was there for a couple of weeks. The man was obsessed with lactating women. They completely cured him, although he still eats a lot of cheese.

(Herb and Dan take hold of George's arms. George gets panicky)
GEORGE: Ah, see, Mister.. I didn't write that report. That, that's not mine.
(Herb and Dan begin to drag the struggling George across the office toward the door.)

STEINBRENNER: Of course you didn't George. Of course you didn't write it.
GEORGE: I didn't do it! It..It just got done. I don't know how it got done, but it did.

(As Herb and Dan haul George through the door, George makes his last stand, trying to get a hold on the doorframe with his feet. Eventually he is dragged out into the corridor and vanishes from view.)

STEINBRENNER: Of course. Of course it got done. Things get done all the time, I understand. Don't worry, your job'll be waiting for you when you get back. Get better George!! Get betteeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!