JERRY: Hold it, Newman, you wouldn't eat broccoli if it was deep fried in chocolate sauce.
NEWMAN: I love broccoli, its good for you.
JERRY: Really? Then maybe you'd like to have a piece?
(Jerry opens container. Newman takes a piece)
NEWMAN: Gladly.
(Newman spits it out)
NEWMAN: Vile weed!

NEWMAN: I'm a United States postal worker.
GEORGE: Aren't those the guys that always go crazy and come back with a gun and shoot everybody?
NEWMAN: Sometimes...
JERRY: Why *is* that?
NEWMAN: Because the mail never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming, there's never a let-up. It's relentless. Every day it piles up more and more and more! And you gotta get it out but the more you get it out the more it keeps coming in. And then the bar code reader breaks and it's *Publisher's Clearing House* day!!!
JERRY: All right, all right!!!....

[Kramer and Newman have brought Ron the clerk "something decent".]

RON: Twenty bucks.
NEWMAN: Twenty bucks?!? Are you out of your mind?
RON: Well, take it or leave it.
NEWMAN: Take it or leave it!? We got *Al Jolson* here, *Al Jolson*!!
RON: Now what the Hell do I care about Al Jolson. I'd just assume her you sing "Mammy". Heh heh heh...
KRAMER: [In Newman's ear] This guy's nothin' but a piece of crap...
NEWMAN: You are nothing but a piece of crap.
RON: Pardon me?
KRAMER: [In Newman's ear] A piece of crap...
NEWMAN: A piece of crap.
KRAMER: [In Newman's ear] I find you extremely ugly...
NEWMAN: I find you extremely ugly.
RON: *Do* you?

KRAMER: [In Newman's ear] You emit a foul and unpleasant odour...
NEWMAN: You emit a foul and unpleasant odour.
RON: Oh, is that right?
KRAMER: [In Newman's ear] I *loathe* you...
NEWMAN: I *loathe* you.