I have changed the name of this site to "Seinfeld Blog".  The site will remain at http://www.StanTheCaddy.com and it will continue to offer every Seinfeld episode in video, every Seinfeld script.  It will include everything that it has to date, and a little more.  As part of the change, the site will be redesigned.  So far, only the home page has the new design - other pages with be migrated to the new design soon.  As you can see, I have moved the Seinfeld Blog to the home page.  The reason for this is because the former home page really didn't change that much, nor provide much information.  The Seinfeld Blog will also include new about this site - for example, as I migrate the design and add new features, I will post entries in the blog.  Also, the Seinfeld quote of the week will also be posted in the blog, but it will continue to be available in the quotes section, and notifications of new quotes will continue to be sent to the mailing list.  I hope you like the new design.

Yours truly,

Stan The Caddy