gs: Jennifer Lynn Campbell (Tia) Scott Burkholder (Prisoner) Jim J. Bullock (Attendant #1) Allan Wasserman (Grossbard) Lenny Rose (Passenger #1) Karen Denise Williams (Attendant #2) Annie Korzen (Passenger #2) Deck McKenzie (Security Guard) Maggie Egan (Ticket Clerk) Mark Christopher Lawrence (Sky Cap) Jack Graiman (Cop) William Evan Masters (Driver) Larry David (Voice of Man ordering the leftover kosher meal (uncredited))

When their flight home gets canceled, Jerry & Elaine gets on another flight, the latter gets cramped into coach and Jerry parties in 1st class with a model. George and Kramer go between JFK and La Guardia to pick them up. When they settle on an airport George meets a convict and Kramer sees a man who owes him $240 from years ago.

b: 25-Nov-92 pc: 412 w: Larry Charles d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: Larry Charles makes a cameo appearance as the guy who stinks up the bathroom before Elaine goes in. Thanks to Greg Gattuso for this tidbit. Greg is author of the book "The Seinfeld Universe".
Viewer Paul Brackett, who must work in the airline industry, notes the following:
"They were flying from St. Louis to JFK, then to LGA. Only TWA flies these routes non-stop. They showed 2 ground shots of the aircraft, and both of the ground shots were of a Southwest airlines Boeing 737. Then they showed the plane in flight a couple of times, both shots were of a McDonnell Douglas DC-9. Then they showed the interior of the coach section, in which the colors of the seats and the configuration resembled the interior of a Delta coach plane, with 3-3 seating. Both the 737 and the DC-9 are 3-2 seating. Then they showed the interior of the first class section, which looked like the interior of a Continental DC-10 First class section, based on seating arrangements and color of the seats. One would think that folks in the TV industry would fly enough to notice these things!"
A St. Louis based viewer, Randy Canis notes that Jerry and Elaine are not at the real Lambert Field. I wouldn't expect them to be, that would be too expensive to film and only viewers familiar with the airport would ever notice.

Viewer Joe notes that Elaine is supposed to visiting her sister in St. Louis.  This is one of only a few references to Elaine having a sister.