gs: Kellie Waymire (Vivian) Audrey Kissel (Tara) Colton James (Jimmy) Gene Dynarski (Izzy Jr.) Yvonne Farrow (Employee) Lloyd Bridges (Izzy) Wayne Knight (Newman) Barney Martin (Morty) Liz Sheridan (Helen)

Jerry's parents are concerned about his lack of exercise. Elaine visits her friend Vivian and is disappointed when Vivian implies that she isn't responsible enough to watch her son Jimmy. George's girlfriend lights some vanilla scented incense. The overpowering scent makes him hungry. He decides he needs to add food as a part of his sex life. His girlfriend tolerates some food items, but not the "salted cured meats." He also comes up with a way to separate pudding skin from the pudding, creating pudding skin singles. Kramer has been storing his blood at a blood bank that begins to raise their rates. In retaliation he decides that he is going to store the blood himself. Jerry starts a purification program to improve his diet. Vivian decides that Kramer would be a good choice for a baby-sitter; however, Elaine intercepts him en-route and proves her responsibility. Jerry becomes the victim of an Exacto knife wound and winds up with three pints of Kramer blood. Jerry is disturbed by the infusion of Kramer blood. Especially when Kramer calls him a blood brother. George decides that adding television to his equation will make food and sex even better. Jerry's parents buy him sessions with personal trainer, Izzy, who's going to help him work off his spare tire. Elaine hates her new responsibility, so she tries to make herself appear irresponsible. George's girlfriend doesn't like television in the equation; the "free love buffet" is over. Elaine tries to get out of being responsible, by using George as a "pinch weasel"; however, he may have found the woman of his dreams. Kramer borrows Jerry's air-conditioned car to return his blood to the bank. The car overheats because the radiator is bone dry, but not for long. Jerry's last workout with Izzy results in another transfusion of blood; only this time it's not Kramer's.

b: 16-Oct-97 pc: 904 w: Daniel O'Keefe d: Andy Ackerman

NOTE: Viewer Jeremy DeMai notes that George sheepishly replies "Pleasuring you?" to his girlfriend the way he did to another girlfriend in "The Fusilli Jerry" before he learned about "the move" from Jerry.
A (relatively) rare episode where Newman appears but only says 2 words ("Hello Jerry") at the end in the hospital.