gs: Kristin Davis (Jenna) Gordon Jump (Mr. Thomassoulo) Everett Greenbaum (McMaines) Connie Sawyer (Old Woman) Matthew Fonda (NBC Executive) Chris Parnell (NBC Executive) Frank Van Keeken (Vegetable Lasagna) Shannon Whirry (Cute Girl) Nancy Balbirer (Woman) Erica Y. Becoat (Stewardess) Torsten Voges (Cab Driver) George Georgiadis (Cab Driver) Brian Callaway (Passenger) Wayne Knight (Newman) Steve Hytner (Bania) Patrick Warburton (Puddy)

Not fully recovered from "The Summer of George", George is using a cane to get around. Jerry might have another shot at NBC, through an appearance on a NBC Showcase that might lead to another pilot. He is also annoyed that lame comic Kenny Bania's act is working, only because he is following on Jerry's coattails, a time-slot hit. Bania scores with big laughs and also gets one of Jerry's ex-girlfriends. George gets a job interview. Elaine is on vacation for a month in Europe with David Puddy. If he's lucky he won't "come back in a body bag." Kramer finds butter is a better protection for his skin after shaving. George is hired for the job because of his use of the cane. They think he is handicapped and of course he takes full advantage of the situation. Kramer's skin feels so good with butter; he takes to spreading it all over his body. Unfortunately he lies out in the sun where he begins to cook. It's a long flight back for Elaine and Puddy, who break up and get back together, only to break up again. Newman, reading the cannibalism themed story Alive!, finds the smell of a cooked Kramer appealing. Jerry is informed that Bania is going to follow him on the NBC showcase. George sprains his good leg and Jerry discovers that George is a closet Bania fan. Kramer tries to keep his skin moist but the baked in smell of cooked meat is too much for Newman. George manages to keep up his bluff until he tries to take on some old-timers. Jerry plans to sabotage his own act, surmising that Kenny's act will also bomb, but Kenny gets the last laugh.

b: 25-Sep-97 pc: 901 w: Alec Berg & Jeff Schaffer & David Mandel d: Andy Ackerman

NOTE: This episode was dedicated "In Memory of Our Friend Brandon Tartikoff." Brandon was a former executive at NBC who was responsible revitalizing the network in the 1980s. Viewer Arthur Kleynerman reminds me that it was Brandon who believed in the series from the beginning and was responsible for keeping the show alive during the early days of low ratings.
Viewer Jeff Holland notes that Jerry referred to Bania as a time-slot hit, an obvious reference to any show that follows Seinfeld. Will Veronica's Closet be a time-slot hit? It worked for Suddenly Susan. Time will tell.
Viewer Taylor Lasseigne notes that the Sheena Easton hit "My Baby Takes the Morning Train" was also used in "The Bizarro Jerry".