gs: Laurie Taylor-Williams (Rhisa) Toby Huss (Jack) Dana Gould (Frankie) Richard Kuhlman (Man) Montrose Hagins (Old Woman (Betty)) Peggy Blow (Mail Clerk) Clement E. Blake (Dirt Person #1) D.A. Johnson (Dirt Person #2) Wilford Brimley (Postmaster General Henry Atkins) Wayne Knight (Newman) Jerry Stiller (Frank) Estelle Harris (Estelle) Patrick Warburton (Puddy)

Jerry's childhood friend "Fragile" Frankie promises to get Jerry a new car because of a show he did for Frankie's car dealership. George prepares for his weekly call to his parents. Kramer plans his revenge on a company because of the over abundance of catalogs they've sent him in the past month. Elaine is back with Puddy, but meets the man of her dreams at the diner and plans to keep Puddy in reserve until she finds out if the new guy can "handle the workload." Kramer gets deluged with more catalogs and plans to stop the mail. George's parents cut him short on his weekly phone call. Jerry gets a van and not the Saab he'd hoped for. Frankie reminds him of the childhood dream they had where they got a van a toured the country. George pops in on his parents and reminds his parent's they didn't call him back, but they have to leave right away. Kramer bricks up his mailbox, but that doesn't stop his mail from being delivered. Jerry plans to sell the van; Kramer helps him out with the ad copy that cites interesting trades considered. Kramer goes to the post office to permanently cancel his mail. Newman confesses to him that no one really needs their mail but that there is a greater conspiracy at work. George demands to know what's going on with his parents; they tell him they are cutting him loose. George isn't ready for abandonment; he plans to date his cousin as a means of getting his parents involved in his life. Jerry determines that the appeal Elaine finds in her new boyfriend comes from some old commercial that he appeared in. Kramer wants Jerry's van and offers Anthony Quinn's old tee shirt as an interesting trade. Elaine wants Puddy back, but is rejected by him. Kramer uses the van to launch his anti-postal campaign. George's cousin is into their relationship; however, George schemes to have his parents catch him making out with her. Kramer is captured and enlightened by the postmaster general. Elaine's boyfriend gets his second piece of good news in one day, his TV career has been revitalized and she is taking him back. Jerry must sell the van after seeing what they saw.

b: 30-Oct-97 pc: 905 w: Spike Feresten d: Andy Ackerman

NOTE: Viewer Ben Nuckols notes that the closing of this episode was only fair after all Estelle once found George pleasuring himself in "The Contest". Of course, did everyone else have to experience that sight!
Viewer Burton Reibling suggests that you watch the contents of Elaine's wineglass in this episode.