gs: Jessica Tuck (Bonnie) Cleto Augusto (Scott) Wayne Grace (Ukranian) Wayne Knight (Newman) Bryan Cranston (Whatley)

Elaine and Jerry are suspicious of a friend's gift, when a gift Elaine gave him, a label maker, is given to Jerry in return for some Superbowl tickets Jerry has but can't use because "The Drake" is getting married on Superbowl Sunday and he is in the wedding party. George convinces his girlfriend to get her male roommate to move out, that he soon regrets. Kramer takes playing a game of Risk against Newman seriously. The Superbowl tickets pass through several hands and Jerry sees the game with his worst nightmare.

b: 19-Jan-95 pc: 611 w: Alec Berg & Jeff Schaffer d: Andy Ackerman

NOTE: Viewer Dave Antonoff note that while the outside of the stadium looked like the formerly named Joe Robbie Stadium, it most definitely was not. I'm not surprised, it would be to costly to shoot that on location, although I suppose someone on the production staff could have gone on a trip to Florida to recreate the setting in Hollywood.