gs: Philip Baker Hall (Lt. Bookman) Ashley Gardener (Marion) Harris Shore (Mr. Lippman) Cynthia Szigeti (Sandy) Biff Yeager (Heyman) Neal Lerner ("Shusher") Marie Barrientos (Receptionist)

The library asks Jerry about a book he checked out in 1971 and never returned, so Jerry looks up an old girlfriend for his defense against a library cop. George thinks the homeless man he'd seen outside the library is a former gym high school gym teacher that he got fired. Kramer has his eye on a librarian. Elaine worries about her career when her boss hates the recommendations she made.

b: 16-Oct-91 pc: 304 w: Larry Charles d: Joshua White

NOTE: According to viewer Jeffrey Abucay, Marion the Librarian says that Mr. Bookman has been working at the library for 25 years, however Lt. Bookman himself states that 1971 was his first year on the job, which would mean he's been working at the library for twenty years, not twenty five.
Jeff Holland notes that this episode features the appearance of the "infamous" green bike. Why is it infamous?
Viewer Bill Watson notes that people often forget, myself included, about Harris Shore's only appearance as Mr. Lippman. Richard Fancy assumes that role beginning in the "The Red Dot."