gs: Peter Krause (Tim) Suzanne Snyder (Eva) Jeremy Roberts (Chauffeur) Jodi Baskerville (Herself) I.M. Hobson (Businessman) Harley Venton (Dan) Adam Leslie (Man at Protest) Norman Brenner (Man at Airport) Aaron Kanarek (Protester #1) Ray Glanzmann (Protester #2)

On a whim, Jerry and George take a limo from a passenger that Jerry knows never made it on the plane. While taking the limo they call Elaine & Kramer to join them for an event at Madison Square Garden, but it isn't the type of event they were hoping for.

b: 26-Feb-92 pc: 318 w: Larry Charles s: Marc Jaffe d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: A rare episode, where Jerry's apartment is not featured.
If this episode does not include Jerry's apartment does it indeed have an image of Superman in it? It is commonly believed that every Seinfeld episode has an image of Superman in it.
The woman who George and Jerry pick up on the way to the neo-Nazi conference is named Eva...and as we all know, Eva Braun was the name of Hitler's girlfriend during WWII. Clever. (iamthewinter)

Viewer Joe notes that the woman who plays Eva is also plays Poppie's daughter Audrey in The Pie.