gs: Barry Diamond (Buckles) Perry Anzilotti (Usher) Tom LaGrua (Kernis) Eric Poppick (Maurice) Cathy Lind Hayes (Woman Behind Elaine) Allan Kolman (Cab Driver) Molly Cleator (Cashier) Christie Mellor (Concessionaire) Jeff Norman (Man in Line) Paul Eisenhauer (Man in Theatre) Montrose Hagins (Woman in Theatre)

Jerry tries to make two show dates and afterwards go to the movie theater to meet everyone. George gets in the wrong line for tickets. George, Elaine & Kramer decide to go to another theater to see the movie. Kramer waits outside for Jerry but also wants a hot dog. Jerry misses his first show, then goes to movie theater to tell everyone he won't make the movie, but no one is there. Through a comedy of errors, everyone (but Kramer) misses the movie, they were originally going to see.

b: 06-Jan-93 pc: 415 w: Steve Skrovan & Bill Masters & Jon Hayman d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: According to viewer Jim Gilhooly, writer Steve Skrovan appears in an uncredited cameo as the man with the white hat that sits next to Elaine at the movie.