gs: Maryedith Burrell (Maryedith) Peter Keleghan (Lloyd) John Christian Graas (Matthew) Hugh A. Rose (Doctor) Lisa Houle (Cheryl) Jed Mills (Joel) John Gabriel (Newscaster) Darrell Kunitomi (Lab Technician) Wayne Knight (Newman) Estelle Harris (Estelle) Jerry Stiller (Frank)

When they begin to gain weight, Jerry and Elaine suspect that Kramer has made a bad investment in a non-fat yogurt shop. Jerry inadvertently uses the "F" word, as a result so does Maryedith's son Matthew, a lot. George meets an old childhood friend whom he is convinced is trying to humiliate him. Elaine begins dating this friend and gives him an idea for his mayoral candidate's campaign. Kramer's date with a lab technician results in strange test results for the future mayor of New York City.

b: 04-Nov-93 pc: 508 w: Larry David d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: Around this time it was reported that four versions of the ending of this episode were shot. The correct one being used based on results of the mayoral election being held at that time. The syndicated rerun of this episode shows more footage of the mayoral campaign, featuring Rudy Guiliani, who was not credited for his appearance (unless you count the caption during his press conference).