gs: Susan Diol (Audrey) Roy Brocksmith (Landlord) Tawny Kitaen (Isabel) Joseph V. Perry (Newstand Owner) David Blackwood (Interviewer)

Jerry's brain and penis play chess against one another to decide whether he should keep dating a vacuous model with whom the "sex is great" but not anything else. George is dating a woman with a big nose, Kramer tells her it like it is and she gets a nose job; however, there is a complication. Kramer gets Elaine to help him retrieve the jacket.

b: 20-Nov-91 pc: 309 w: Peter Mehlman d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: In this episode George mentions he is from Long Island, whereas in other episodes he states that he grew up in Queens. Technically Queens (and Brooklyn) are located on the western end of Long Island. According to some New Yorkers saying that you are from Queens and saying that you are from Long Island are entirely different things. It must be one of those social things, like being "from the other side of the tracks."