gs: Richard Roat (Dr. Berg) Fort Atkinson (Dr. Stern) David Purdham (Dr. Resnick) Heather Campbell (Sheila) Ramon Franco (Mailman) Bari K. Willerford (Ron) Shuko Akune (Receptionist) F. William Parker (Country Doctor) Lynn A. Henderson (Clerk) Bill Gratton (Postal Official) Susan Leslie (Nurse) Wayne Knight (Newman) Len Lesser (Uncle Leo)

Elaine has a rash and looks for a doctor who will treat her; despite her doctor -- patient relationship reputation. Kramer offers Jerry a method to get a refund on his stereo that is two years out of warranty. George discovers the woman at the photo store is looking at his pictures. Jerry refuses delivery of a package with no return address. George thinks that the photo store clerk has stuck a revealing picture of herself in with his pictures. Kramer convinces George to return the compliment and offers to take the photos. Uncle Leo signs for Jerry's package. Elaine tries to lift her medical records. Jerry lets Uncle Leo open the package and there is the sound of an explosion. Leo's stove has exploded but eventually Jerry gets the package and opens it up. It contains his stereo in pieces. Kramer sent the package to him insured; now all they must do is collect the insurance money from the post office. Elaine poses as Uncle Leo's nurse to try a diagnosis for her condition. When that doesn't work she tries to get Kramer to lift her records. Newman grills Jerry on suspicion of mail fraud. George drops off his film at the photo store and gets a surprising result.

b: 17-Oct-96 pc: 805 w: Jennifer Crittenden d: Andy Ackerman

NOTE: The scene in which Newman "grills" Jerry is a parody of the famous Sharon Stone leg-crossing scene in "Basic Instinct." Wayne Knight (Newman) had appeared in the "BI" leg-crossing scene as one of SStone's sweat-soaked interrogators.