gs: Suzanne Snyder (Audrey) Christine Dunford (Saleswoman) Reni Santoni (Poppie) Lane Davies (MacKenzie) Mark Beltzman (Bob) Sunday Theodore (Olive) Sam Lloyd (Ricky) Paul Mantee (Health Inspector) Patricia Belcher (Woman #1) Pamela Mant (Woman #2) Bernard Hocke (Guy in Diner) Eamonn Roche (Waiter) Robert Kino (Ricky's Boss) Tony Edwards (Businessman)

Jerry can't believe that his girlfriend won't share a piece of pie with him. There is a mannequin at a store that looks like Elaine and she wants to know where it came from. George is interested in a suit that he makes an enemy over. Kramer has an itch. George's new suit makes a noise.

b: 17-Feb-94 pc: 515 w: Tom Gammill & Max Pross d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: Christine Dunford, the acerbic saleswoman who tells Elaine that the "Elaine mannequin" is wearing "a twelve hundred dollar Gaultier dress" previously played Leslie, "unequivocally the worst date of [George's] life", in The Baby Shower.

Viewer Joe notes that the actress who plays Audrey is the same actress who played Eva in The Limo.