gs: Fred Applegate (Levitan) John Capodice (Vic) Teri Austin (Ava) Patrika Darbo (Glenda) Marcus Smythe (Dan) John Hillner (Greeny) Deck McKenzie (Bill) Larry David (Voice of Newman (uncredited))

George quits his job in a huff after he is demoted to using the regular bathroom. Newman tells Kramer that he plans to jump off the building. Jerry suggests that George just go back into work next Monday morning and pretend like nothing happened; however, that doesn't work. Newman jumps, from the second floor. George plots revenge, and with Elaine's help, tries to slip his boss "a Mickey." Jerry suspects that his launderer is a larcenist after he discovers that $1500 he had stashed in his laundry bag is missing. Kramer helps Jerry get revenge by bringing a bag of concrete in to put into one of the wash machines.

b: 18-Apr-91 pc: 212 w: Larry David d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: While thinking about new career opportunities, George mentions that he might get a job working for a sports team, something he'll realize later. Newman, whom we never see, is said to be unemployed; however, later in the series we learn he is a postal worker. For the syndicated rerun, Wayne Knight supplies the voice of the never seen Newman. For the original network broadcasts Larry David provided the voice for Newman.

David Murrant, from Parts Unknown writes:

The idea of George going into work Monday like nothing had happened was based on one of Larry David's personal experiences. I recall reading somewhere that when he was writing for SNL he quit and walked out of a script meeting and showed up for work the next Monday like nothing happened. Apparently no one either noticed or remembered and he still had his job.