gs: John Kapelos (Barry) Christa Miller (Ellen) Wayne Knight (Newman) Patrick Cronin (Farkus) Ralph Harris Jr. (Ralph) Maria Stanton (Woman in Diner) Marty Rackham (Jake) Deck McKenzie (Mitch) Estelle Harris (Estelle) Jerry Stiller (Frank) Richard Fancy (Lippman)

George's father gets him an interview as a bra salesman. Evidence points to Jerry's accountant being a drug user. So Jerry, Kramer and Newman set out to find out the truth. Elaine's new boyfriend is perfect except for his use of an exclamation point.

b: 07-Oct-93 pc: 504 w: Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: This episode was recorded on 14 Sep 93 and was attended by 18 members of the Vandelay Industries Mailing List. Christa Miller will reappear as another character in "The Doodle".