gs: Ernie Sabella (Naked Man) Barbara Stock (Scam Woman) Rhoda Gemignani (Woman with Elaine) Mark Boone Junior (OTB Patrol) Christopher Collins (Thug) Barry Vigon (Player #1) Daryl Roach (Violinist/Cop) Joe Restivo (Player #2) Chet Nelson (Kid)

Everyone has an uncommon experience while going their separate ways on the subway. George meets a beautiful woman who distracts him from his intended destination, a job interview. Jerry falls asleep and then wakes up across from a fat naked man and winds up discussing with him, the New York Mets & Coney Island. Elaine's train stops in the middle of a tunnel on her way to be best man at a lesbian wedding. Kramer overhears a hot tip on a horse on his way to pay $600 in traffic violations.

b: 08-Jan-92 pc: 313 w: Larry Charles d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: In this episode Kramer overhears a tip for the horses. The horse he bets on is named "Papa-Nick". The Key Grip for the series is credited as Pete Papanicklaus.