gs: Peter Murnik (Lt. Martel) Elmarie Wendel (Helene) Marty Rackham (Officer #1) Peter Parros (Officer #2) Vaughn Armstrong (Lt. Coleman) Clint Howard (Tobias Lehigh Nagy) Steve Greenstein (Man) Kerry Leigh Michaels (Woman) Keith Morrison (Newscaster (Himself)) Peggy Lane O'Rourke (Reporter #1) Deck McKenzie (Reporter #2) Steve Dougherty (Prison Guard)

Jerry and George try to contact the police to tell them Kramer is innocent. Kramer still doesn't know he's wanted. Jerry and George get a ride in a police car and while en route the officers pick up a possible 519. The 519 suspect is put in the back of the car with George and Jerry and they ask him tipping advice. Then all units are called in on Kramer's building, Jerry and George leave the police car door open and the 519 suspect escapes. While Kramer is in for questioning, another victim is found. He is let go and Jerry and George want to know what he is going to do, he is going to stay in LA. Jerry and George are back in New York and Kramer turns up like nothings changed.

b: 19-Aug-92 pc: 402 w: Larry Charles d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: The remaining episodes in this season have a loose, but interconnecting thread, and should be viewed in order. Of course when syndicated the episodes are shown in anything but a logical order. Marty Rackham will reappear as Elaine's exclamation point avoiding boyfriend, Jake Jarmel, in "The Sniffing Accountant". He will return as Jake in two more episodes.
In part one of this two parter, George's bed is the one on the right, which he asks Lupe the chambermaid for a "no tuck". In this part, George ends up sleeping on the bed on the left, which is "tucked" and Jerry is on George's "no tuck" bed. Contributor "iamthewinter" asks, why would they switch beds? Also, this causes George to lose the bet over who has to tip the maid, which he forgets to do anyway.
Viewer Jeff Holland notes that the hotel the Kramer stays in, is the same one that Julia Roberts stays at in Pretty Woman.