gs: Jane Leeves (Marla) Anne Twomey (Rita) Heidi Swedberg (Susan) Kevin Page (Stu) Ping Wu (Ping) Leah Lail (Stacy) Peter Blood (Jay) Derya Ruggles (Woman in Bar) Dayna Winston (Carol) Julie Blum (Receptionist)

After much procrastination, George and Jerry strain to think of an idea for their TV series a few hours before a meeting with NBC executives. Jerry finds out a girl he once met is still a virgin, and later Elaine educates her about men after sex. George wants to end his relationship with Susan so he can exploit his writing profession as a pick-up line. Elaine runs into a Chinese delivery boy. Kramer watches too much television.

b: 11-Nov-92 pc: 410 w: Peter Mehlman s: Peter Mehlman and Peter Farrelly & Bobby Farrelly d: Tom Cherones

NOTE: Following the broadcast of this episode Michael Richards played Kramer on an episode of Mad About You. It starred Paul Reiser & Helen Hunt. In the episode called "The Apartment," Reiser must get rid of his old apartment, that it seems Kramer has been subletting from him. However, in the first episode of the seventh season, George and Susan are seen watching and commenting on an episode of Mad About You. See also the NOTE associated with "Good News, Bad News."