gs: Brian George (Babu Bhatt) Maggie Han (Cheryl) Ping Wu (Ping) John Hamelin (Babu's Brother) Gerry Bednob (Babu's Friend)

George meets a Chinese female lawyer who thinks he is real funny; so he tells Jerry not to be funny around her, but she becomes attracted to this. Kramer returns early from baseball fantasy camp, where he accidentally punched Mickey Mantle. A mix-up with Jerry's mail causes Babu to be arrested for not renewing his visa. Jerry tries to get the lawyer to help Babu, but George's honesty when his relationship is threatened causes Babu to be deported and Elaine to still be sued by the delivery boy she hit.

b: 27-Jan-93 pc: 414 w: Peter Mehlman d: Tom Cherones