Kramer was hitting Titleists on the beach one day.He "Only hit one really good one that went way out there.",and it went into the whale's blow-hole.George was at the scene of the beached whalewith his girlfriend that he told he was a marine biologist.He had to go out and help,or she would know he wasn't a marine boilogist."The sea was angry that day my friends-like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.Suddenly he came upon the great fish...or mamal,it was 10 stories high if it was a foot.Waves were crashing down upon him,and suddenly he found himself on top of the"Great beast",he was eye to eye with the blow-hole.He could tell there was something,"Obstructing its breathing",so he reached inside,felt something,and pulled out the obstruction....A Titleist.That is the story of the whale.