In a previous blog entry, I talked about the laugh tracks used in sitcoms, Seinfeld included.  After posting that entry, I received two emails on the subject, each offering a different perspective.  The first was from a psychology major who has studied research on laugh tracks: "There have been a number of studies in which researchers found that people rate something as funnier when it is accompanied by a laugh track than when it is not."  The second email was from a woman who has been deaf for over 20 years, who watches television with closed captioning.  Despite never hearing the laugh track, she said Seinfeld has always made her laugh: "However I have now seen every episode about 10 times and I still laugh til I cry. My point being is that I dont think their needs to be a laugh track- if a show is funny, its funny!!" Very interesting perspectives on the matter.

Curb Your Enthusiasm doesn't have a laugh track, and I think it's pretty hilarious.